Bruno Bowl

Like I needed any more reasons to LOVE Bruno Mars! I think he’s amazing. Here he is performing at the Super Bowl with his band The Hooligans wearing Saint Laurant and totally rocking the house down! Performing with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers…also amazing! Continue reading Bruno Bowl

Rihanna + Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe {Luxury Sportswear} is Trending. It’s super chic AND comfortable. It looks edgy and cool. It can be worn in any type of weather and interpreted in so many different ways. If you know any thirteen year old boys, raid their wardrobes, they are bound to have some cool Sporty Luxe pieces in there. Here’s Rihanna taking the look to the Max! [feature image: … Continue reading Rihanna + Sport Luxe

Aaliyah: ‘Try Again’

“…and if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again…” ~ Aaliyah ‘Try Again’, my favourite Aaliyah song, I loved it and I Loved Aaliyah…throughout the entire Nineties. She was the original R&B Princess. She was amazing. In 2001 Aaliyah and her crew all died in a plane crash when she was only 21. Here’s a bit to remind you about her … Continue reading Aaliyah: ‘Try Again’

I Love: Drake, “Hold On” Lyrics

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake featuring Majid Jordan. I got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I see I want your hot love and emotion endlessly I can’t get over you, you left your mark on me I want your high love and emotion endlessly Cause you’re a good girl and you know it You act so different around me Cause you’re … Continue reading I Love: Drake, “Hold On” Lyrics