SLY Celeb of 2013: Miley

Whatever she did whether on purpose or just simply being herself, it worked. I don’t think anyone was more covered or talked about. And I personally Love her, her talent, her style and her smarts. She is obviously a very very switched on 21 year old girl. Continue reading SLY Celeb of 2013: Miley

Azzedine Alaia

If I could choose something from one Designer in the whole world, I would pick a dress and pair of shoes from Azzedine Alaia…see how I added in the pair of shoes (; Sexy Parisian Detailed and Stunning…in every way. {from Wiki} Azzedine Alaïa ~ Alaïa, monograph by François Boudot Born June 7, 1939 (age 74) Tunis, Tunisia Nationality Tunisian Education École des Beaux-Arts Occupation … Continue reading Azzedine Alaia

Kate Moss 2003/2004

I found my USB stick with some of my old Kate Moss candid photos on it! Here are some of my favourites from approximately 2003/2004. The first couple and the one above are at Glastonbury. I cannot believe these are from 9/10 years ago. There weren’t really that many fashion “blogs” back then. There were plenty of forums and Getty images as well as heaps … Continue reading Kate Moss 2003/2004

Kim Kardashian by Karl Lagerfeld

For CR Fashion Book…And a couple of recent Candid shots too. I think she looks just Gorgeous pregnant in this Shoot. I’ve never seen her do anything this “edgy”, I don’t like the gold teeth though. I don’t understand these things for anyone..not even P Diddy. And what do you think think of the new hair do? I like it, I think she’s carrying off … Continue reading Kim Kardashian by Karl Lagerfeld

NY Times T Style: Victoria Beckham, Working Girl

Victoria Beckham, Working Girl Photography: Juergen Teller Makeup: Lotten Holmqvist Hair: Tina Outen QUOTE: By Sarah Lyall Past the closed-circuit cameras, past the nondisclosure-agreement-wielding security guard, past the Damien Hirst pictures, past the hyperorganized assistant and the bold monochrome walls and the sumptuous gray sofas and the three giant orchids — past all the accouterments of the celebrity household — a toddler sat on the … Continue reading NY Times T Style: Victoria Beckham, Working Girl