StreetArt Love Stories – Unknown Artist

I saved these amazing pictures of StreetArt about a year ago but cannot remember the artist. If you know his/her name or even recognise the locations, please comment. Otherwise enjoy these colourful urban love stories. Continue reading StreetArt Love Stories – Unknown Artist

The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs

I don’t know why but ever since I was a teenager I’ve been in love with anything to do with Palm Springs. I’ve never been there. I’ve never even been to California or America. But I’m just fascinated with the place… the desert, the windmills along that highway you see in so many movies, Las Vegas (so close) the Retro Gas Stations, the weather and … Continue reading The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs

Do You Need a Hug? ❥

“Hug” designed by Jun Hyun Kim of Arpheo Design ~ how cute are these??!! 1. They are Pink! 2. They are cute cuddly koalas. 3. The Asian Tourist Market would go NUTS for these..they should be sold in Duty Free stores at every Airport around Australia in my opinion. 4. They are Useful! They hold your stuff, wires, earphones, glasses, toothbrushes, pens. 5. You can … Continue reading Do You Need a Hug? ❥

“I Love What You’re Wearing!”

I think I’ve mentioned this in another post – I am a sucker for awesome package design. I HAD to buy this. I don’t even use Fabric Softener. I was in a pharmacy they had a shelf dedicated to 6 different products. Each with its own special slogan written on it boldly like this one. it. Everything was on sale though. I guess there aren’t … Continue reading “I Love What You’re Wearing!”

“Help. I Can’t Sleep”

Designed by ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies, United States. One of the coolest examples of product concept and design that I’ve seen! From the naming down to the clever copy, the primary colours and clean design, it looks just awesome! These make me want to have a headache! I’m such a sucker for cool packaging. I’d buy these without a doubt if I saw … Continue reading “Help. I Can’t Sleep”

Get Inspired Magazine

.Get Inspired! Magazine is an online showcase, e-magazine and social network for artists, designers and photographers. Creatives from across the globe use the website to showcase, discover, entertain, inspire, and empower creativity. It really is an awesome website to visit for design inspiration of any kind. Today I fell in love with the Photography portfolio of GUSTAV WILLEIT Continue reading Get Inspired Magazine