Places To Go: Harajuku, Tokyo

Another thing that I’m fascinated with, Harajuku. Mostly, um Everything! Here are some images taken at the district. Harrow Innovation! If you like what you see, Tokyo Fashion on FaceBook is a great place to start…they share and take really cool photos. PS: This IS NOT a Halloween Post, it’s what an ordinary day in Harajuku looks like. From Wikipedia: Harajuku (原宿 “meadow lodging”) is … Continue reading Places To Go: Harajuku, Tokyo

Rainy Sunday Movie Day: Grease (again?)

I don’t usually like Musicals, but Grease is different. And is it just me, or is almost Everything in this Film back in Fashion in some kind of way? That’s why it might be worth watching AGAIN! Some Inspiration maybe? More reasons why I think this Movie is just awesome: 1. You can have fun watching it with your Grandma or your’s for Everyone! … Continue reading Rainy Sunday Movie Day: Grease (again?)

Fresh Fruit: The Sequel to “Rotten Fruit: A Poem”

This is probably as far as I will go in terms of posting lots of pictures of Food. I’m just not a fan of seeing whole meals on a plate in photo form..sometimes I feel like they can look like spew. I also feel like meals are to be eaten when they arrive at your table and not left to get cold just so you … Continue reading Fresh Fruit: The Sequel to “Rotten Fruit: A Poem”

Do You Need a Hug? ❥

“Hug” designed by Jun Hyun Kim of Arpheo Design ~ how cute are these??!! 1. They are Pink! 2. They are cute cuddly koalas. 3. The Asian Tourist Market would go NUTS for these..they should be sold in Duty Free stores at every Airport around Australia in my opinion. 4. They are Useful! They hold your stuff, wires, earphones, glasses, toothbrushes, pens. 5. You can … Continue reading Do You Need a Hug? ❥