I Love: Drake, “Hold On” Lyrics

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake featuring Majid Jordan. I got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I see I want your hot love and emotion endlessly I can’t get over you, you left your mark on me I want your high love and emotion endlessly Cause you’re a good girl and you know it You act so different around me Cause you’re … Continue reading I Love: Drake, “Hold On” Lyrics

Places To Go: Harajuku, Tokyo

Another thing that I’m fascinated with, Harajuku. Mostly, um Everything! Here are some images taken at the district. Harrow Innovation! If you like what you see, Tokyo Fashion on FaceBook is a great place to start…they share and take really cool photos. PS: This IS NOT a Halloween Post, it’s what an ordinary day in Harajuku looks like. From Wikipedia: Harajuku (原宿 “meadow lodging”) is … Continue reading Places To Go: Harajuku, Tokyo

7 Things: I Love by Isabel Marant for H&M (and how I would wear them)

These are 7 Things from the Collection that I love and what I would wear them with. I’m not quite sure how I’ll even get hold of one, let alone 7 because we don’t have H & M in Australia yet and they don’t ship here either. I just love the entire look..it’s very sexy and pretty and very cool. The collection will be on … Continue reading 7 Things: I Love by Isabel Marant for H&M (and how I would wear them)

StreetStyle Faves: Fashion Week 2013

StreetStyle @ FashionWeek EUROPE, New York A collection of my favourite Streetstyle images from New York, London, Paris & Milan Fashion Week. All curated from Instagram, Websites and Blogs I love. I really am in love with the current trends…I feel like it’s 1992 again. You won’t believe this ~ lately, I don’t care if my hair goes a bit curly! This has been a … Continue reading StreetStyle Faves: Fashion Week 2013

Stop. What?? “Pop Tops” ROCK!

On The Street – I loved so many of the street style looks at NY Fashion Week. I noticed heaps of Statement T-shirts, Statement Dresses, Statement Shoes, Statement Art. Anything and Everything Pop and Pop Art, 90’s and Grunge is Sooo NOT Last Year at the moment..and I Like! Trend or no Trend I have been a little bit obsessed with Pop Art ever since … Continue reading Stop. What?? “Pop Tops” ROCK!