SLY Celeb of 2013: Miley

Whatever she did whether on purpose or just simply being herself, it worked. I don’t think anyone was more covered or talked about. And I personally Love her, her talent, her style and her smarts. She is obviously a very very switched on 21 year old girl. Continue reading SLY Celeb of 2013: Miley

Sooo Last Year…Since Last Year

Today I decided to take my own advice and Google myself and SoooLastYear. I shared a post on my Miss Web Melbourne FaceBook page about how your online profile can greatly affect the perceptions of your potential new employers…and you can safely bet that all potential employers will Google you these days before they give you a job. Well, I’m not looking for a job, … Continue reading Sooo Last Year…Since Last Year

Miss Web Melbourne

I launched my Website & Social Media Marketing business this week called Miss Web Melbourne. I’ve never been so buzzy or busy! But every moment has been absolutely amazing on so many levels. There’s definitely something to be said about Spring time coming soon because I feel as though I’m blossoming on the inside! Here are some of the beautiful images that I’ve been able … Continue reading Miss Web Melbourne