Rihanna + Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe {Luxury Sportswear} is Trending. It’s super chic AND comfortable. It looks edgy and cool. It can be worn in any type of weather and interpreted in so many different ways. If you know any thirteen year old boys, raid their wardrobes, they are bound to have some cool Sporty Luxe pieces in there. Here’s Rihanna taking the look to the Max! [feature image: … Continue reading Rihanna + Sport Luxe

“Put Your Shoes and Socks Back On Now!”

No, this isn’t a reprimand. It’s just a Trend about socks being hot again. Little ankle socks with your Mary Jane heels. Frilly lace numbers with your pointy pumps. Sport Luxe anklets under your booties. Knee highs with your little flats. Will you? Would you? Could you? I have personally always loved the look, I have many pairs of little lace bobby socks that I … Continue reading “Put Your Shoes and Socks Back On Now!”