Wearable Technology

Wearable Tech will be BIG. For now, I’m making the best of the “see through” handbag trend by putting my tech devices inside them. And I’m using old chains and necklaces to attach to my phone…DIY Wearable Tech. The ideas really are endless (and Diverse). Google Glass was only the very beginning. It’s funny how our devices are going from big to small to big … Continue reading Wearable Technology

Kate Moss 2003/2004

I found my USB stick with some of my old Kate Moss candid photos on it! Here are some of my favourites from approximately 2003/2004. The first couple and the one above are at Glastonbury. I cannot believe these are from 9/10 years ago. There weren’t really that many fashion “blogs” back then. There were plenty of forums and Getty images as well as heaps … Continue reading Kate Moss 2003/2004

“Put Your Shoes and Socks Back On Now!”

No, this isn’t a reprimand. It’s just a Trend about socks being hot again. Little ankle socks with your Mary Jane heels. Frilly lace numbers with your pointy pumps. Sport Luxe anklets under your booties. Knee highs with your little flats. Will you? Would you? Could you? I have personally always loved the look, I have many pairs of little lace bobby socks that I … Continue reading “Put Your Shoes and Socks Back On Now!”